Banana Potato Folk Fusion (With a Side of Lime) Demo

by The Agoraphobix

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released November 21, 2015



all rights reserved


The Agoraphobix Langhorne, Pennsylvania

The Agoraphobix were formed in 2015 and since then have been making high energy acoustic punk songs. Their lyrics are emotionally and politically driven. In early 2016 original members Derek Biemuller (guitar and vocals), Samuel Kaiser(bass and backing vocals), and Nathaneal Krimmel (cajon) were joined by Joe Myers (second guitar and backing vocals). ... more

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Track Name: Cancel the News
Don't tell me all the lies
That you've been coming up with
All day long
I don't want to hear it
Don't want to hear it
Or all the violence
All the killing
All the people's lives are ruined
I don't want to hear it
Don't want to hear it
Don't tell me about someone else
Who I don't even know
Who's doing something I don't care about
Or how I should care about
Every little thing they do
'Cause they're so fucking famous

It's just senseless
It's not worth it
And you just make me sick

Another story that you had
But it's really not that bad
I don't want to hear it
Don't want to hear it
Everything is sinking fast
Don't know how long it could last
I don't want to hear it
Don't want to hear it
Another scene another day
Where fabricated circumstances
Make a common enemy
At least among your loyal crowd
Who still think you are credible


Your words are so empty
And mostly rehearsed
Like they're straight out of fiction
Most of it fuelled by your
Fatal addiction of
Causing mayhem for ratings

Track Name: I Reject What You Accept
Shattered lives upon the street
Vaguely resemble faces
Falling at your feet
But you don't even hesitate
'Cause you've got
More important things to do

And I don't care if
You think I'm wrong
I won't accept the things you say
And that's just fine with me
But your hate is terrifying
And I think you're the one who's wrong

Killing for something that you want
Let alone something you believe
I thought that we were past those days
But history still wants to repeat

Track Name: The Things You've Thrown Away
Based on everything you ever said
I never thought you'd be the one
To throw away everything
You stepped right up in line
Stepped right up in line
To take the easy way out
In the worst possible way
You'll die everyday as everything
And everyone from all around you
Will drop away
But it's all for a cause
At least that's what they said
And you'll be a part of it

While they're dying out there
Do you think, do you think,
Do you think you're better than them?
Or do you think that it's right
And they should die
For what they believe in?

I didn't know you very well
But now it seems that every word
That came out of your mouth was
Someone else's
Which would explain why this
And everything you said
Contradicted everything you said before
You just repeated everything you ever heard
And did what you were told
And ended up in all the wrong places
And it's all planned out for you


Either way I'd have to say
I disagree with everything
You've ever said
It's such a lie
And I know you had other intentions
And maybe you don't support this either
I won't lie and tell you that it's okay
That it's okay
I'll tell you all the things you've thrown away
I won't lie and tell you that it's okay
That it's okay
I'll tell you all the things you've thrown away
Track Name: Don't Waste My Time
Everybody's fighting for what
They can't see
And they keep telling themselves
That they're free
But the fabricated body's that
make us crack
Are there to hold
Everyone else back
And it doesn't make a difference
'Cause we'll all soon fall
And nothing going to change
'Cause it's not our call
It's holding me down

I won't be there
When the curtain falls
And I won't be the one
To tell you you were wrong
Don't waste your life
Pretending it's alright
Don't waste my time

And I would sing about
The sun and the moon
If I wasn't going to
Die so soon
But I've got more important
Things on my mind
Like how you'll never listen
To this rhyme
And I think the truth is
That everyone can see it
But nobody really wants to admit it
This world is so fake