The Agoraphobix Demo

by The Agoraphobix

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released July 16, 2015



all rights reserved


The Agoraphobix Langhorne, Pennsylvania

The Agoraphobix were formed in 2015 and since then have been making high energy acoustic punk songs. Their lyrics are emotionally and politically driven. In early 2016 original members Derek Biemuller (guitar and vocals), Samuel Kaiser(bass and backing vocals), and Nathaneal Krimmel (cajon) were joined by Joe Myers (second guitar and backing vocals). ... more

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Track Name: Who's Laura Norder?
Is there something you believe in?
Does it tell you when you're right?
Would you take a drop of
Someone else's poison,
Rather than fight?

I believe in what I see
And I know that that's enough
I just hope that you might cope
When they turn against their own

If my actions can't be guided
by my pride by my own discretion
Then I'd have no sense of value
No sense of self worth
No right to exist


So many rules it's just redundant
Morals should be enough for directions resonance
If you can't live with integrity
No one can make you see

Track Name: Passive Aggressive Anthem
My immobile position
Sits in subconciousness
I don't choose not to listen
When you stop making sense
I just can't believe in you cause
I only believe that you're wrong
And my silence
Will cut you worse than any action

I won't be the one
To tell you you were wrong
But I'll be the one
Who makes sure it's all gone
Everything you love
Will fall apart in days
And I'll smile as you fall

You think you have the upper hand
Your education gives you that
And you believe you have a counter
For every stand
The truth is you're no ignorant
But you will never comprehend
The things that I have said
The things that I have done


Your words mean nothing
They're just incoherent ramblings
Of a hypocrite
Which means you lack integrity
And I'll show you no sympathy

Track Name: Watch Them Fall
And in the final moments
Of a flame cast from a star
That was in its dying day
Suddenly it occurred to me
That none of it mattered anyway
And I won't settle
For anything less
Than what I consider best
And what more is subjection
From a half-dead mind
But poor taste

I think it's getting to me
'Cause it's so hard to be
And I hate them all
And I want to watch them fall

I'll leave the rest to you
As if you want me to
'Cause it's so hard to face
When you can't keep the pace

Thrown into a world
Of subjugation and feigned
Knowledge of how
No one seems to know what's going on
Yet, they criticize others who don't
And I've got nothing to prove
And I won't take this from you
The way I spend my time
Will be for my own entertainment
And nothing else

Track Name: A Vestige of Intellectual Prowess
This vestige of our past
Is fading fast
And almost gone
And never in my life
Did I think that I'd be complacent
Which makes me fear
That I have lost all of my common sense
And I am soon to be
Joining in their blissful ignorance
They melt your brain
With flashing lights
Out of their desperation
And you're addicted to
This constant mental sedation
Don't think, don't speak
Don't have original thought
No one will like it
And you'll never be anything at all

It's an affront to our society
Without expression your not
really free
They show a false sense of concern
For this budding ignorance
When they know that it's true
That there'd be more retention
If it were only put to some kind of use

Your life is just a blip
On a timeline of forgotten sands
But yet you still believe that
You could somehow make a difference
No one will ever know
The things that you have felt inside
No one will ever know
The secrets that you'd die to hide
And on your dying day
Your dreams will all be stripped away
To make a void of all
The confusion that your have relayed
Into a cloud of doubt that radiates
To cripple minds
Of those who know that
They are all the same

Track Name: What is Motivation?
What's the point in trying
When you can't compare to them?
What's the point
If nobody can?
So we just push on through
And keep hoping for the best
But somewhere down the line
We'll turn out like the rest
And you know
Just how funny it can get
The things you never wanted to know
You can't forget
And after everything you said
I'll remember this
But still those memories start to fade
Into the abyss

Oh time
Where does it all go?
Oh well
I guess we'll never know
If staring down a century
Or yet less it too pretentious
Well, I can't find the motivation
Just to be ambitious

I guess the saddest part
Is that I don't really care
About the world
Or all the people out there
'Cause if I died right now
What would it mean to them?
Or even if I made something
Just because I can
Well then I'd be no better
Than those who I oppose
And all their senseless talk
To the nowhere that it goes
And after everything
I need no more patients
'Cause I'm left feeling empty
With a lingering ambivalence

Track Name: Deny
You deny and you can lie
But I'm the thing you hide
Compelled by your own history
To watch the blood drain endlessly

More solemn faces in the dark
To sit and watch
As everything will fall apart
With nothing left to say
'Cause no one listens anyway

Where is the voice of reason?
Where is the mass' attention?
Where is the time when
You knew that you were right?


So, you deny and face no truth
That your ideals
Are partial and have been diffused
From amongst that cloud of
Ignorance and disregard
Where no one seems to get that far

But if you could remember
If your heart weren't dismembered
Would you believe
That you knew that you were right?